CETAI stands for China Europe Trade And Investment and pro­vides an unique net­work consis­ting of investors and young promising enter­prises.




We connect entrepreneurs from Ger­many, Austria and Switzer­land with Investors from Europe and the People's Republic of China. In addition, we ad­vise you regarding any trade issues, which are in connec­tion with the inter­conti­nental trade pro­cess.


It is time to become familiar with our Team. Receive a first impression of our experts.




Take a look on our business principles.




Know­ledge about the cul­ture, work prac­tice and legal system in China as well as reli­able part­ners who are based lo­cally, are pre­requi­site for a success­ful trade and safe invest­ment. For CETAI, "Guanxi" (关系) ist not just a Chi­nese word.




Our Team provides exper­iences in inter­national companies and is posit­ioned with a wide know­ledge in dif­ferent topics.


We are developing with you a perfect solution for achieving an economic win-win situation and successful trade with your Chinese business partner. Our Consultans take up any questions or challenges. Due to different focuses, we can provide a broad range on different topics.




You need an Investor who supports your financial plans? You like to invest in enterprises? We connect Chinese and European Investors with enterpreneurs and work out a perfect solution for both sides.


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